We are only a file hosting service for individual users. We have not been aware of, have no intention or relation whatsoever to the content of any uploaded files.

We clearly state in our website that we do not allow users to store any copyright violated files or child pornography in our website, with no exception in any case.

Moreover, everytime before uploading files, all users must read and agree to our Terms, and we do have the function for them to clearly read and accept our Terms.

In addition, every day we have been undertaking files monitoring operations to remove the violated files as many as we can.

However, since there are an hourly increasing number of files uploaded and most of them have no obvious information attached to them, it is not possible for us to examine every single file every day, in the eyes of a Reasonable Person. Therefore, we are also willing to accept any due notices and remove the violated files promptly.

If you found any child pornography, please send the URLs on Invitationfile.com containing the files to us to remove them as soon as possible. If you are a legal copyright owner or an authorized agent, please follow the due procedure in the Terms page to remove the files. We are committed to remove any violated files urgently.

So far, we have been actively cooperating with numerous copyright owners and authorized agents. Our records can prove clearly that we have successfully removed the violated files, completely and permanently, within 24 hours after receiving the due notices from the legal copyright owners or authorized agents.

  • Why should I use Invitationfile?

    Whenever you need to send a file that is too large for e-mail, PandaMemo can help. If you need secure remote storage capacity for off-site backups, Invitationfile offers solutions for you. If you want to access personal data from a variety of computers and don't want to carry around a USB stick, PandaMemo is a perfect way of doing so.

  • Can I search for files other people uploaded?

    No, because not everyone wishes to share the files they upload with everyone else. This way Invitationfile can be used to share files with anyone you choose to, as well as keep it for yourself as a backup or to download from anywhere in the world.

  • I still have questions, what should I do?

    If you still have questions regarding our services don't hesitate to contact us using our contact form.